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Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery Manufacturer

KAE LII MACHINE MFG CO LTD has a wide variety of Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery for many different applications. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery to satisfy our customers' demands. Our Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery is known for their long work life, easy handling, and low maintenance. This has been possible with the use of the best raw materials that go into the manufacturing of our expansive product line. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.
Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery


Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery

This Terminal Burning Machine machine can weld the cylindrical bushing of automotive battery automatically, after the battery has finished the container and cover sealing process.
Sequence of Operation :

The operator puts the required tooling on this Terminal Burning Machine, and put the battery into the roller table, then adjusts the position of battery and the height of the weld head to get the exact position. Once a battery enters the working area, it is automatically located and stopped in the place.
The weld head lowers down to the battery and perform the ignition, weld, extinguishing and cooling process in sequence; the weld is worked by argon automatically, Upon completion of one cycle process, the finished battery will be automatically pass to exit by conveyor.

Feature :

  • It’s tooling is in easy changeover type.
  • This weld tooling is used with water cooling block.
  • No flux demand for this weld machine.
  • Utilities Requirement :

  • Electricity : 1KW, 1 or 3 Phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer's specifications.
  • Compressed air consumption: 10.4nl/min. at 5 kg/cm²
  • Compress mix air: 3.8 L./min at 2 kg/cm2 (Mix air: 97% of Argon and 3% of hydrogen).
  • Dimension and Weight :

  • Approx. 1350(L)* 1200(W)*1600(H) mm
  • Approx. 1000kgs
  • Other :

    Battery Assembly Equipments, Lead Acid Battery Assembly Machines, Casting.

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