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Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery, KAC-20(2R)

KAE LII MACHINE MFG CO LTD’s mission, as a worldwide Assembly Line For Car Battery supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality and a competitive offer, technology and flexibility. As an industry leader of Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery, we can manufacture first-rate Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery with reasonable price.
Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery


Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery

This Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine provides automatic leaks testing for automotive battery to check condition of heat sealing between the container and cover of battery, and heating stamp the lot number or date of manufacturing on the cover.
Sequence of Operation :

After a battery is completed the process of heat sealing and finished the bushing burning, battery will be delivered to this Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine by the roller conveyor. When the battery enters the testing area, it is automatically located and stopped in the place. The blowing head will automatically lower to insert into the vent holes of battery and blow the air into the container. There are 2 test head. One for 1, 3, 5 vent hole test, and the other one is for 2, 4, 6 vent hole test. The leak testing cycle is completely automatic. If the battery is leaked, the air pressure will be lost and found meanwhile the machine will alarm, and then the machine will reject the battery utomatically.
Upon completion of the leak test, the good battery is passed to the coding position to process the heating stamp the manufacturing date.

Feature :

  • This Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine is suitable to test the battery form 12N24?200 and DIN types.
  • Testing cycle time : 20?30 Sec.
  • It is easy to change the tooling.
  • The distance between the blowing gun can be adjustable to match with the location of vent of battery.
  • It is easy for operation and maintenance.
  • This machine is adopted with the digital pressure meter.

Utilities Requirement :

  • Electricity: 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit the customer’s specification.
  • Compressed Air Consumption: 55Nl/Min. at 6kg/cm²

Dimension and Weight :

  • Dimension: 3250(L)x1550(W)x1950(H)mm
  • Weight (Approx.): 1000 KGS

Other :

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