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Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery, KH-20

KAE LII MACHINE MFG CO LTD continually develops the innovative Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery to meet the various market demands and bring multiple benefits to customers always. Our Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery are highly demanded by our clients across the country for optimum quality. In order to ensure longer service life and reliability, our products are manufactured by our vendors using the best quality raw material and latest technology. Whether you need a Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery, or Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery, Heat Sealing Machine Automotive Battery, KAE LII MACHINE MFG CO LTD manufactures cost-effective products.
Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery


Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery

This Heat Sealing Machine can heat seal plastic battery cover to plastic container in semi-automatic. The machine is suitable for the following type of customer:
1. Economic consideration of initial investment.
2. The factory that produce the various products with small quantity.
3. The area of lower wage of labor.
Sequence of Operation :

The operator manually put the battery, with loose cover fitted, into the container location nest. Then only push the button of the control box, the Heat Sealing Machine will heat melting the cover and container, sealing and cooling automatically. At the completion of the automatic heat seal operation, the worker takes out the battery.

Feature :

  • Automatically pick up the cover by both of gripping mechanism and suction mechanism, so that the cover can be picked up securely.
  • It can be operated by one operator only.
  • It is suitable for heat-sealing all types of automobile battery.
  • The max. dimension of heating space is 522(L) x 280(W) x 240(H) mm.
  • The min. dimension of heating space is 150(L) x 100(W) x 145(H) mm
  • Pre-heating time: 20 – 30 min.
  • Temperature range : 0 –600℃
  • It is easy to change the tooling to save the time and increase the working efficiency.
  • Utilities Requirement :

  • Electricity: 8KW, 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer’s specifications.
  • Dimension and Weight :

  • Approx. 1,000 (L) x 1,450 (W) x 1,850 (H) mm
  • Approx. 810kgs
  • Other :

    Battery Heat Sealing Machine, Motorcycle Battery Equipment, Positive Tubular Plate Filling Machines.,Motorcycle Battery Equipment

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