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Battery Heat Sealing Machine

To serve consumers, KAE LII MACHINE MFG CO LTD works hard to study and produce high-quality, energy-efficient battery heat sealing machines. Our primary obligation is to fully meet the demands of the individuals and organizations that use and distribute our goods while also offering the greatest value solutions for their battery heat sealing machine needs. Another commitment we take seriously is customer service; we won't leave you hanging with our proven reputation and track record of excellent assistance. If you have any questions about our battery heat sealing machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Sulphuric Acid Injecting and Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Motorcycle Battery


Sulphuric Acid Injecting and Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Motorcycle Battery

This is a high-efficient and full-automatic machine which provides two functions, that is, one is to be used to pour acid liquid into battery or the bottle of sulphuric acid, the other is to full-heat-seal the aluminum foil on the vent of acid bottle automatically in order to prevent from the acid liquid spilling out.
Sequence of Operation :

This machine is suitable for not only the battery but the bottle of sulphuric acid, describing individually as follows
1. Sending the finished battery passing by the carring belt to the acid-adding mould. After the acid pouring in automatically, the battery will be delivered out.
2. The process of acid-adding in the acid bottle is the same with section 1.After automatic passing the acid bottle to the aluminum foil heating area fixed with pressuring and heating and then heat-sealing the aluminum foil on the vent, the next station is operating the cutting action by passing the cutting area. All been down, the products will be finished.

Feature :

  • This machine is suitable for all kinds of motorcycle battery or sulfuric acid bottle. (but automobile battery has another one to fit)
  • Cycle duration: 4-5 pcs/min (below 70c.c.)
  • The volume gauge which set up by electron.
  • The surface of the machine is adopted by stainless steel #316.
  • This machine is equipped with auto-stop of no feeding.
  • Utilities Requirement :

  • Electricity: 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency suiting for the customer's specifications
  • Compress air consumption: 30 NL/min. at 5 kg/cm2
  • Compress oil motor: 1HP
  • Voltage consumption: 4KW
  • Dimension and Weight :

  • Approx. 3000(L) x 1200(W) x 1850(H) mm
  • Approx. 1000 KGS
  • Other :

    Battery Equipment, Lead Part Casting Machine, Plastic Battery Casing.

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