Kae Lii Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, which is recognized as a leading and experienced manufacturer of lead acid battery assembly machine, equipment, injection mold, injection battery casing and tooling in Taiwan. We have enjoyed a good reputation for over 20 years in this field. We execute good management system and own the latest technology for keeping our high quality. Besides, we also hold ISO 9001 certificate. Therefore, you will never regret to contact us because we are confident that KAE LII is a famous and reliable brand in battery industry. We have been exporting products around the world.

Battery Welding Machine | Expert on Battery Equipment

We are committed to giving you the extra service and support upon which you can always depend and which you deserve. Over the years of experience, we have achieved expertise in the developing and providing battery welding machine in varied specifications as per the needs of the clients. You'll benefit from our resources, our experience and our personalized customer service.


Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing Machine For Automotive Battery

We specialize in manufacturing Testing Machine For Automotive Battery and Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Automotive Battery for many years in Taiwan.

Before through-the-partition intercell welding process, the battery has to be tested by this tester for the conditions as the separators have some defects caused by lead scraps dropped into the cell during burning process, or the polar position of elements group in each cell are not correct while stacking or burning process.


Electric Welder & Short Circuit Testing Machine For Automotive Battery

Our company has been specializing in Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Automotive Battery for many years, offering professional Assembly Line For Automotive Battery and Automotive Battery Equipment.

Full-automatic electric welder completes the thru-the-partition intercell connection weld of car battery of single cover; Before the welding station, this
Electric Welder & Short Circuit Testing machine is equipped with the shorting circuit testing station.


Welding Condition Checking Machine For Automotive Battery

As a professional manufacturer of Checking Machine For Automotive Battery, we provide superior Assembly Line For Automotive Battery and Car Battery Equipment.

After battery has been finished the through-the partition intercell welding, it will be passed into this testing machine to check weld condition of each cell. This machine is specially designed to ensure the quality of welding.


Manual Shear Tester

Shear Tester is for checking the thru-the-partition intercell welding condition for the battery.


Fully Automatic Heat Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery

We offer various Battery Machine, such as Sealing Machine Auotomotive Battery and Heat Sealing Machine Automotive Battery, all with superior quality and reasonable price.

This machine can heat seal plastic battery covers to plastic containers in fully automatic operation.


Terminal Burning Machine For Automotive Battery

This Terminal Burning Machine machine can weld the cylindrical bushing of automotive battery automatically, after the battery has finished the container and cover sealing process.


Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine For Automotive Battery

This Air Leak Testing & Coding Machine provides automatic leaks testing for automotive battery to check condition of heat sealing between the container and cover of battery, and heating stamp the lot number or date of manufacturing on the cover.


Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery

After the battery is proceeded to case and lid heat-sealed and air-leak tested, this Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine provides fully automatic heat sealing of the aluminum foil on the vent of automotive battery so that the element groups will not be oxidized before pour the acid liquid into the battery.
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